Value-based pricing does not work for freelancers

Value-Based Pricing Does Not Work

Value-based pricing is popular in the freelance world. The strategy says that rather than charging an hourly rate (or presenting a flat fee package based on the time it will take), we should charge a price based on how much money your client will make with your work. The argument for value-based pricing is this:...
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Should You Work for Equity as a Freelancer?

Have you heard about the Graffiti Artist David Choe? In 2005, he painted a Facebook office for shares in the company instead of cash. He made over $200 million with this deal. Would you agree to a deal like that? Sounds promising, doesn’t it? But let me tell you about my experience. It was pure...
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Forget Your Logo as a Freelancer

If you are a designer – like I am – you know how important branding is. But a brand is not a logo, espacially not as a freelancer. Your brand is the whole experience a client has with you. When he first hears about you (what people tell about you), when he visits your website...
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