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«ValueTime is built to empower freelancers to be successful »

Your work is valuable – so is your time. ValueTime is built to empower freelancers to be successful. It encloses how profitable you spend your time.

I have been freelancing for 18 years now. My first job was to create a website for my neighbor, an electrician. This was in 1999 and I was 12 years old. I was surprised how easy it was making money at this young age. I improved my rates over the years to be able to earn a decent income for me and my family. Some friends and colleagues struggled and I wondered why. The business side came just natural to me. Not that it was very hard sometimes, but I always knew what I had to do.

Reading articles and watching great videos about the topic is not enough. You need to know your numbers. I was always interested in the numbers; I made the calculations to see how profitable certain projects were.

I truly believe every freelancer should be able to make these calculations. This is why I founded ValueTime, a simple and powerful tool that helps to understand the business side of freelancing.

Jonas Kamber

Founder, ValueTime

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