We are freelancers

We're a bunch of creatives from around the world who build ValueTime for freelancers. ValueTime is led by Jonas Kamber, a freelance UX designer from Switzerland.
Revenue oriented time tracking

We build secure software

The data you track with ValueTime is crucial to your business. We encrypt sensitive information in the database, always communicate through a secure SSL connection and use multiple backup layers. Your and your client’s data is safe with us.
Secure software

Your data is yours

We strongly believe you should be able to use your data in any way you can imagine. You can always access and export all the data you have entered – making it easy to process the data or import it somewhere else.
Your data is yours

We listen

We want your feedback to improve ValueTime. We listen to your needs and prioritise changes and new features accordingly. We hope you join the conversation and tell us your opinion.
We listen
«ValueTime is built to empower freelancers to know their numbers»

Your work is valuable – so is your time. ValueTime is built to empower freelancers to know their number. It encloses how profitable you spend your time.

I have been freelancing for 18 years now. My first job was to create a website for my neighbor, an electrician. This was in 1999 and I was 12 years old. I was surprised how easy it was making money at this young age. I improved my rates over the years to be able to earn a decent income for me and my family. Some friends and colleagues struggled and I wondered why. The business side came just natural to me. Not that it was very hard sometimes, but I always knew what I had to do.

Reading articles and watching great videos about the topic is not enough. You need to know your numbers. I was always interested in the numbers; I made the calculations to see how profitable certain projects were.

I truly believe every freelancer should be able to make these calculations. This is why I founded ValueTime, a simple and powerful tool that helps to understand the business side of freelancing.

Jonas Kamber, ValueTime Founder
Jonas Kamber

Founder, ValueTime

Stefan Hellberg, UX Designer & Photographer
«Finally, I understand my time spent in projects.»
Stefan Hellberg
UX Designer & Photographer
Silvan Hagen, WordPress Consultant
«I have at least $300 more billable hours every month since I use ValueTime.»
Silvan Hagen
WordPress Consultant
André Murer, Frontend Engineer
«Time tracking could not be simpler. Fast and easy to use.»
André Murer
Frontend Engineer
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