Income oriented time tracking

for freelancers

Watch your income grow

in real time
As freelancers, our business runs on time. See how much you make in real time. Become more efficient to have time for other things in life.
Revenue forcast for freelancers

Revenue forecast

before you write the bill
Get an overview how your business is doing at any given time. Get a forecast of your income, even before you bill your clients.

Flexible hourly rates

for different clients
Use different hourly rates for different clients and projects. ValueTime automatically calculates the revenue of your activities, based on the defined hourly rate.
Flexible hourly rates and project budgets for freelancers

Project budgets

always in mind
Define project budgets and see, how much budget is left. You can define, which activities are billable and see, how every single project is doing.


with pictures
Besides your activities, you can track your expenses. Take pictures from recipes on your smartphone or attach PDFs. Additionally, you can define if you will bill your client for that expense.
Expenses and invoices for freelancers


in minutes
Use your tracked time to automatically create beautiful invoices – with your logo on it. If you already use an accounting tool, you can also export professional reports to attach to your invoice.
André Murer, Freelancing Frontent Developer
«Time tracking could not be simpler»
André Murer
Freelancing Frontent Developer
Stefan Hellberg, Photographer and UX Designer
«Finally, I understand my time spent»
Stefan Hellberg
Photographer & UX Designer
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