Increase Freelance Rate

Should You Increase Your Hourly Rate?

Not necessarily. You know your clients and prospects better than everyone else. Losing clients is something you don’t want, especially if you’re just starting out. First, ask yourself: Are your current projects interesting to you or do you need to accept every project request that comes your way? You should keep your current rates if...
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Value-based pricing does not work for freelancers

Value-Based Pricing Does Not Work

Value-based pricing is popular in the freelance world. The strategy says that rather than charging an hourly rate (or presenting a flat fee package based on the time it will take), we should charge a price based on how much money your client will make with your work. The argument for value-based pricing is this:...
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Should You Work for Equity as a Freelancer?

Have you heard about the Graffiti Artist David Choe? In 2005, he painted a Facebook office for shares in the company instead of cash. He made over $200 million with this deal. Would you agree to a deal like that? Sounds promising, doesn’t it? But let me tell you about my experience. It was pure...
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