Provide Accurate Estimates as a Freelancer

Naturally, new clients are concerned with the total price of a project. This is normal. With this in mind, there are different strategies to help you build a comprehensive offer. Most people break down the necessary tasks and estimate how long each task will take. Pretty easy and super accurate, right? Nope! In the beginning...
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Increase Freelance Rate

Should You Increase Your Hourly Rate?

Not necessarily. You know your clients and prospects better than everyone else. Losing clients is something you don’t want, especially if you’re just starting out. First, ask yourself: Are your current projects interesting to you or do you need to accept every project request that comes your way? You should keep your current rates if...
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Handle Discount Requests Like a Freelance Pro

No matter what you charge, some clients will always ask for lower prices. Don’t take it as a sign your rates are too high or that you have to charge less than you’re worth. They’re just looking for a deal. That’s good news: you are in a better position than you might think. Because these...
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The Easiest Way to Find Freelance Work

Finding new clients can be very time consuming. You might find yourself talk to countless people until you land a new gig. But there is a much easier strategy: ask your existing clients. Getting jobs from existing clients is so obvious that most freelancers don’t think of it as a valid strategy. «I don’t want...
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Know Your Numbers with ValueTime