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As freelancers, our business runs on time. See how much you make in real time. Become more efficient to have time for other things in life.

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Use your tracked time and expenses to automatically create invoices. And yes – your logo will be on it. There is no simpler way to create and monitor invoices.
«Time tracking could not be simpler»
André Murer
Freelancing Frontent Developer
«Finally, I understand my time spent»
Stefan Hellberg
Photographer & UX Designer
made for freelancers
$9 / month
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Time tracking
Use simple times that show how much you make right now
Revenue forecast
See, how much you will be able to charge before you create an invoice
Flexible hourly rates
Use different hourly rates for different clients and projects
Expense tracking
Take pictures on the go or upload pdfs for your expenses
Create invoices
Professional invoices with your logo in a minute
Monitor invoices
Always know, who owes you money. Never miss an overdue invoice
Fast interface
Lightning-fast interface on desktop and mobile
Mobile friendly
Use your mobile browser or our Android app (and soon our iOS app)
Awesome support
We are always happy to help, usually in minutes
One simple price
$9 / month
«ValueTime is built to empower freelancers to be successful »

Your work is valuable – so is your time. ValueTime is built to empower freelancers to be successful. It encloses how profitable you spend your time.

I have been freelancing for 18 years now. My first job was to create a website for my neighbor, an electrician. This was in 1999 and I was 12 years old. I was surprised how easy it was making money at this young age. I improved my rates over the years to be able to earn a decent income for me and my family. Some friends and colleagues struggled and I wondered why. The business side came just natural to me. Not that it was very hard sometimes, but I always knew what I had to do.

Reading articles and watching great videos about the topic is not enough. You need to know your numbers. I was always interested in the numbers; I made the calculations to see how profitable certain projects were.

I truly believe every freelancer should be able to make these calculations. This is why I founded ValueTime, a simple and powerful tool that helps to understand the business side of freelancing.

Jonas Kamber

Founder, ValueTime

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